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I'm Nyn (short for Nynke), artist from the beautiful town of Purmerend in the Netherlands, the low lands by the sea.

My work is spiritual, filled with a profound love for Earth's beauty. The changing colors of the sky, the hues of the ocean depth, the mist over the fields... they move me deeply.

The plants and animals that live beside us, or beneath or above us, are a great inspiration for me too. I can be mesmerized by the shimmer on a beetle's wings or the tiny hairs on a stem or leaf.

I often use a script I created myself. The glyphs of my script are unreadable, to myself as well, but far from meaningless. I sometimes feel they are ancient, coming to me through the ages. Perhaps you can see those glyphs as an attempt to capture magic.

In 2020 I published the Inner Scription Oracle, a card deck of 52 cards, each featuring one glyph. It's a mysterious work specifically tailored to the intuitive reader. Of course you can find the Inner Scription Oracle here in my shop.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Nyn's Place, your shop for Art & Magic. Please let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

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